We’d been hearing all these rumours of a forgotten, magical place, further down the Croatian coast, back when we were all having incredible fun at Unknown Festival. “What could be better than here?” we thought at the time, we had to investigate.

A few hours later and the hairs on the back of our necks were tingling. Tucked within a cluster of islands, found off the coast by the City of Šibenik, this little pine and olive tree covered outcrop revealed itself. The sun glinted off the sea like it was giving us a cheeky wink. This is it, we were told by our guide, pronouncing ‘Oh-bon-yan’ slowly. The first time we’d heard it said but it was like we already knew.

The name’s believed to come from the Latin ‘Belneum,’ meaning public bathing space and in the 70’s the scout movement of Croatia landed here for a few years and it swiftly gained the nickname the ‘Isle Of Youth.’ On land, greeted by its sole inhabitants, caretaker Mirko and his dog Jimmy, we walked the path around the little bay and up the hill where a stone amphitheatre appeared, as if from nowhere, overlooking the sea. At the turn of the millennium there was a tremendous, one-off party held here. Of course there was. What an unreal place to have a celebration!

So, to cut a long story short, here we are – The Obonjan Island Project. Working together with the City of Šibenik for the next 45 years to bring this beautiful place to you. To create and to protect, to explore and to have fun. Island magic is in reach…