Enter a world of inspiring, creative and enriching experiences. Smile. Dance. Rest. Be surprised. Look at the universe in a different way and reconnect with life’s simple pleasures. Cast away for a fantastic voyage. Set sail to Obonjan.


Fresh features & stone–cold classics in the open air.

Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul by exploring the island’s wellness, fitness and sports programme.

Relax and reset

Indulge in blissful treatments at The Zen Den, ranging from holistic therapies and crystal hot stones to deep tissue massage and Ayurvedic specialities. Naturally enhance your wellbeing by soaking up the fresh sea air and fragrant pine forest of the island.

Balance your senses

Reconnect with nature as you practice yoga in breathtaking surroundings, improving your strength and flexibility. Choose from a varied yoga programme led by world renowned teachers and curated with incredible studios and collectives from around Europe. With up to nine sessions per day, you can practice from sunrise to moonrise.

Set a fresh pace

Shape up with nutrition advice, watersports and a variety of fitness classes, including nature-inspired circuit training and boxing. Break a sweat with morning workouts at The Pavilion and meet your fitness goals with the help of a professional personal trainer. Hit the running track with daily runs, breathing in the fresh island air.

Awaken your mind

Experience absolute peace of mind and deep relaxation. Immerse yourself in daily guided meditations and recharge with soothing sound ceremonies. Intuitive healers from around the world will be on hand to help you truly unwind.

Obonjan’s programme of music, comedy, theatre and cinema electrifies in enchanting surroundings.

Set the tone

Relax poolside as selectors dig deep and unearth forgotten gems. Listen to your favourite DJ play the unexpected as you splash about in the sea. Soak up soul drenched vocals. Rediscover classic records. Submerge yourself in lush afternoon soundscapes. Daydream amongst meandering rhythms. Dance in the forest as day turns to night.

Listen Up

Listen under star-filled skies. Stand a little closer. Dance at the front. Touch the stage. Connect with performers. Join together. Follow a brass brand. Bump into impromptu performances. Jump on the drums. Grab the mic. Look beyond the stage, out across the Adriatic Sea.

Watch and wonder

From feel-good films to game-changing documentaries, see details you missed the first time around or watch classic cinema with fresh eyes. Sing along. Eat popcorn in an amphitheatre. Talk about films, learn about films, film your own adventure.

Live it

Suspend belief during immersive theatre productions. Project your voice during acting workshops. Get into character. Step through the looking glass. Stumble across Shakespeare. Journey with storytellers. Have fun. Laugh like you haven’t got a care in the world as stand-up comics navigate the comedy fringes.


Fresh and organic produce, there’s tons to tempt.

Bell Tent

With super comfy beds with power and A.C.

Delve into an evolving programme of astronomy, art, science, music, and ecology.

Discover the Universe

Gaze upon star filled skies. Stare at Saturn. Grasp the cosmos with astronomers and astrologers from around the world. Observe the wonders of the night’s sky using the island’s telescopes at South Point. Capture once in a lifetime sightings.

Unleash Creativity

Bring passions to life by connecting with artists. Discover your hidden talents. Stimulate your mind by engaging with talks given by creative thinkers from across the spectrum of technology, fashion, philosophy, and design. Learn a new craft. Collaborate. Witness art in action with sculptors and sketchers. Make something special.

Satisfy Curiosity

Open your mind to new possibilities. Challenge your preconceptions. Explore intriguing ideas and insights relating to music, sociology and philosophy. Join scientists as they discuss time travel. Revisit history. Create open forums and afternoon long conversations. Unlock new dimensions through lucid dreaming workshops. Listen to others and find your voice.

Taste Adventure

Delve into nature and discover your inner explorer with on-island adventures. Meander through pine trees when seeking island herbs and botanicals on guided nature trails. Snorkel among the fishes. Dive to the bottom of the sea. Journey into the wild.

Sample imaginative cocktails and inventive dishes as passionate chefs and mixologists cater to all tastes across a selection of island bars, restaurants and takeaways. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options feature as standard across almost all island outlets.


Dine beneath the pines with amazing views out onto the Adriatic Sea. BOK serves seasonal and regional tapas along with à-la-carte menus for brunch and dinner.

Green Bar

For refuelling, this dedicated café offers juices, salads, raw bars, gluten-free and vegan options throughout the day. A popular stop for those looking for a healthier option after a yoga class, or a particularly heavy night.

The Kitchen

With poolside lounge area, sunset views and table service, this is the spot where afternoons accidentally merge into evenings. In addition to a fantastic range of meat, fish, salads, fresh pasta and sweet treats, there are daily specials that make the most of the fresh produce available on our doorstep.

The Pavillon Pizza

Only the freshest ingredients make it onto the poshest of pizzas served up at The Pavilion Pizza. A welcome spot for those looking for a daytime snack or a more relaxed dining experience by night - vegan and gluten free options available too.

The Corner Shop

Conveniently located on the corner of Market St (between The Pavilion and The Pool), The Corner Shop stocks all the essentials you’d need for island life; including suncream, toiletries, fresh fruit, craft beers, quinoa granola and from next summer a coffee shop, complete with an organic deli and bakery.

Drift Bar

Whether it's a Campari Spritz or an ice cold soda that floats your boat, our seaside lounge is just the ticket for whiling away the day. A sleepy sun trap by day, waking up by night into your favourite ever holiday bar – with guest DJs spinning guilty pleasures and party favourites.

Curry Bowl

Mouthwatering Sri Lankan Kottu and devilled dishes, cooked to order, and featuring an abundance of veggie and vegan dishes.

Forest Bar

Our late night spot for dancing beneath the pines. This cosy woodland clearing hosts regular club and record label showcases.


Fresh and organic produce, there’s tons to tempt.