We’re investing in projects that acknowledge Obonjan’s outstanding natural landscapes. By partnering with Dvokut, a Croatian company of environmental experts, we have funded a full marine and terrestrial biodiversity study on the island. By learning from its findings, we continue to work with Eden Lab to install a well-informed environmental management plan so that the unique beauty of Obonjan will be managed sensitively for future generations. We are working to meet our objectives of full carbon audits and carbon management procedures, laying down markers for future initiatives.

Our long-term plan involves Obonjan becoming host to pioneering research focused on the need for environmentally sensitive tourism development and activity.

Various Not-For-Profit organisations are already helping us to develop such strategies. The Carbon Free Group are assisting with a Renewable Energy Strategy. WasteAid UK is enabling us to refine our Waste Management Strategy. Šibenik municipality and local NGOs are helping to unite us with organic food and beverage producers and various environmentally-aware small businesses in the region, with a long-term view to promoting Obonjan and the Šibenik region as a world-leading destination for sustainable tourism.