We remain committed to developing Obonjan as a forward-thinking and responsible 21st-century destination. With a considered approach, all our relationships are designed in a way that will help to bring benefits to the local economy and stimulate employment. In time, we plan to develop collaborative new businesses and education and training opportunities. This concept will evolve year on year so that Obonjan always remains at the forefront of modern, sustainable tourism.

On the island, impact-sensitive ecological, social and business practices are helping us to treat its assets with respect. However, island living brings particular challenges, and we have to manage our scarce resources carefully. With this in mind, we encourage our staff and guests to consider how their actions affect the environment and the health of local populations. We’re also working with our suppliers to reduce consumption, particularly when it would otherwise be wasteful or polluting. In a similar vein, we’ve worked with Slovenian partners to source eco-friendly accommodation that will help to minimise permanent disruption to the island, while still providing guests with comfortable accommodation. With the assistance of expert consultants in the field of sustainable tourism, we are also looking to install a bespoke, organic waste treatment plant, and, with the intention of regenerating and improving the quality of the island’s soil, will compost all the organic matter from food and other waste.